Feel Good is an online vintage store based out of San Francisco, California. none of the items on the store are intended for a specific gender, although individuals preconceived notions may imply otherwise. if an item fits, then it's for you, hence why their are no "men's" or "women's" sections throughout the site. the vintage clothing, vintage knick knacks, and vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle stuff is for anyone and everyone. 
if my memory serves me right, the first time i chose something old over something new was around 9 years ago. 13 year old me felt, for some odd reason, that everyone has a "team" in the world of sports, and for some other odd reason, i chose the Buffalo Bills. anyways, i was searching for a Bills hat and stumbled across one from the 80's. the typography, color scheme, and design outdid all the rest. once i realized it's age and how much of a factor that played into the reasons i loved it, i got hooked to the idea that vintage goods were well, better. 


since then, i've been drawn towards vintage stuff. it's often made in the USA or made with much better quality and attention to detail then fast fashion now. there's a rich story behind an N-1 Navy jacket, like who wore it and what went down while wearing that jacket. not to mention that it's still kickin' after 60 years. we don't need to keep producing cheap, low-quality shit, yet we still do, leaving all these treasures behind. it's not for everyone and that's totally OK. the world would be boring and people would get annoying to look at and talk to if we all dressed the same. style or fashion or clothing - whatever you want to call it - is an outward expression of the internal self.

searching for and buying secondhand clothing is always a toss up. sometimes you find something amazing you never knew existed and sometimes you find utter shit.
not to start a sob story, but looking for vintage clothing has helped me get through bouts of depression and insane anxiety. sliding through smelly shirt, checking tags and identifying the age of vintage clothes allowed my mind to rest and be at ease. it still does today. and while this isn't the case for many, maybe a cool retro t-shirt or an old pair of beat-to-shit Levi's 501 can make you Feel Good. maybe it makes you feel more like yourself. maybe it gives you confidence walking into a bar, telling your social anxiety to shut up. maybe you make a new friend because they like that your shirt has 15 holes in it. and maybe it doesn't do anything for you, other than add another garment to your closet, or button to your jacket. 
so, i guess you can say these things are the backbone or the reason for Feel Good. to not waste what we've already made, to appreciate the quality of well-made goods, and to find things in life that make our mind and soul move towards wholeness. might seem like a load of shit for a vintage online store, but it's true to me. 

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thanks for stopping by. i hope that one person's "trash" can make another person Feel Good. 

with love and only love,

Feel Good Vintage ✌