Vintage Harley Davidson & Motorcycle Stuff by Feel Good Vintage 


For over the last 100 years, Harley Davidson has been at the forefront of the motorcycle industry, producing some of the most popular and well-made motorcycles today. The culture around Harley Davidson motorcycles, and choppers specifically, are influenced in some way by it. More recently, in maybe the last ten or fifteen years, the chopper, Harley Davidson, aesthetic has made a resurgence in the vintage memorabilia and vintage clothing markets. From riding a Harley, working on it, chopping it up, and experiencing firsthand the lifestyle of riding a motorcycle, this resurgence runs deep in Feel Good. Growing up skateboarding everyday, I find a connection between riding and working on our motorcycles. Both often seen dangerous and worth skepticism, while meticulous and rewarding, both skateboarding and the beginnings of Harley Davidson chopper lifestyle share similarities. guess we might find solace in it, just like skateboarding did in our adolescence. Maybe collecting vintage Harley Davidson stuff - t-shirts, pins, bandanas, and so on - is our attempt to escape back into the 50’s 60’s, and 70’s or get a taste of it. Similar to that daydream of riding down the Great Highway of San Francisco, sun shining down and sand blowing around, while we’re stuck inside the walls of our jobs.

The Harley Davidson collectibles on the site, like the vintage buttons and enamel pins, old Harley bandanas, and so on, are all what they are because of the legacy of HD. Here’s to dipping our toes into the history of Harley Davidson, in hopes to see how the legacy has made these vintage Harley Davidson memorabilia and collectibles worth finding and keeping. In 1903, William Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson began Harley Davidson in Milwaukee, WI. As the brand began to grow and grow, the USA government began to use the Model 17F/J in WWI. And after a break of peace, HD continued to produce units for the government in WW2. In 1957, the Sportster was introduced into the HD catalogue and in the next decade, the Harley Davidson company changed ownership and became a public company. AMF and Harley Davidson merged at the end of 60’s and stayed together until the 80’s due a decline in business. As HD returned to it’s singular roots, the company introduced a handful of new models in 80’s and 90’s. Within these formative years, the motorcycle company blew into widespread existence, creating Harley Davidson collectibles, clothing, and other memorabilia that is still prominent and indulged in by people today. And in certain lifestyles or clothing style choices or the reasons in between, vintage Harley Davidson stuff - like HD shirts from Sturgis trips, a enamel HD eagle pin, and old bandanas - have become of interest. Whether it be interest in the history of the company - their motors, their designs, their place in the motorcycle manufacturing industry - or a personal interest in whatever the lifestyle and culture means, more vintage Harley Davidson stuff is being sought after.

The Feel Good Vintage store is located in San Francisco, gathering vintage goods, vintage knick knacks, old motorcycle stuff, vintage clothing and more from all over California and other random places in between. Free shipping is offered on all USA orders while international shoppers pay their own shipping due to crazy rates! Because these vintage goods and knick knacks generally come in a used condition, there are no returns, so if you have any hesitations about any of the products, reach out to get clarification. Contact Feel Good with any questions by email ( on Instagram, or Facebook. This shop’s only motive is to spread love and joy and vintage goods and old knick knacks and to, in the end, Feel Good.