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Vintage Goods & Old Knick Knacks by Feel Good Vintage 

knick·knack ( ˈniknak ) - a small worthless object, especially a household ornament.

To some, the vintage knick knacks on the site are small, worthless objects. Not everyone can get behind the designs used in the 1970’s or the playful, while pushing the envelope, phrases on pins and hats and so on.

The vintage goods and old knick knacks on the site are one of a kind - at least in the sense that you probably won’t find a vintage pin that says “show your tits” somewhere else. There might be another beat up version in the middle of nowhere, sitting in a wooden desk drawer, next to a hubbub of other forgotten things.

The design is really what it comes down to when gathering old knick knacks and vintage goods. In the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, the way that designers went about creating a logo or image or typography was different than today. In those 30’s years, as things changed regarding design, a few, key components stayed the same. These being the truth that designers worked with their hand, creating these “vintage fonts” and the plethora of famous images burned into our mind. The practice of design in these years looks different than a majority of the graphic design taking place today. Created by hand, with an extreme attention to detail, images like the 70’s NASA logo, with it’s modern logotype and worm-like looks, etched their way into our memory and standard for weighing what makes design, good design.

While the search for this vintage goods and crusty, old knick knacks continues, take a look at the types of vintage accessories we’ll be carrying on the site!

Vintage Hats

During the early days of the great game of baseball, around the 1860’s, the first hat that resembles the baseball caps seen everywhere today, made its way to the field. This version of the ball cap looked much more similar to a jockey cap, with a smaller bill and rounder top basket for the head, made of materials like tweed and wool.

Wearing hats outside of playing the game of baseball was widely looked down upon for year until around the late 1960’s. Men were expected to keep their heads covered with other styles of vintage hats, like a porkpie hat or a derby hat. While men at this point were wearing their team’s hat to games, the social acceptance for wearing ball cap style hats in public was just coming to fruition. In 1954, the ball cap we know today was introduced and things have been the same (more-or-less) ever since, at least in the world of sports.

A different style of hat became widely popular in the late 1960’s into the 70’s. Now a classic in the market of vintage hats, is the trucker hat.

Truckers were originally provided this hat by the company they worked for. Companies could produce trucker hats with their own logo for a good price and in quantity. This is one of the reasons why we see loads of vintage trucker hats with logos of companies we’ve never heard, from places we’ve never been, alongside ones with classic companies that we’ll never forget, like this vintage Budweiser hat here. IN the 1970’s, the 5-panel mesh style of trucker hat became the staple among many companies, passing them out left and right as ways to further promote a company. And nowadays, you’ll come across one of these vintage hats and see a different kind of design on the front, made from material like mesh to corduroy, in colors that aren’t very popular today. Old trucker hats and vintage hats at that, seemed to be more original years ago, as if they were made with an attention to detail that isn’t always pursued today.

Vintage Buttons & Enamel Pins

Big fan of vintage buttons and pins at Feel Good. Over the years, some profound buttons and pins have made their way to my attention. Profound as in block letters that say, “HIGH” or a vintage motorcycle pin that says “MOTORCYCLES ARE FUN”. Add an oversized button or vintage enamel pin to anything. You’ve got nothing to lose.

The Feel Good store is planted in San Francisco, gathering vintage goods, vintage knick knacks, vintage clothing and more from all over California, and the other random places I end up in. Free shipping is offered on all USA orders while international shoppers pay their own shipping due to crazy rates these days. Because these vintage goods and knick knacks generally come in a used condition, there are no returns, so if you have any hesitations about any of the products, reach out to get clarification. However, feel free to contact Feel Good with any questions by email ( on Instagram, or Facebook. This shop’s only motive is to spread love and joy and vintage goods and old knick knacks and to, in the end, Feel Good.