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Vintage Clothes by Feel Good Vintage 

The vintage clothing sold on Feel Good isn’t meant especially for anyone. There’s no men’s section or women’s section, however we still do sell vintage men’s clothing, vintage women’s clothing, and vintage clothing for anyone in between or outside those terms. I want vintage clothes to make people Feel Good, so if a vintage tee is cut in a more traditional women’s silhouette, and a guy wants to buy it, then it’s a men’s shirt. I don’t give a damn who wears what or if it’s fitting to “men’s” or “women’s”. Vintage t-shirts, jeans, jackets, and so on bypass the limitations of these. That’s popular belief here. And that’s the beautiful thing about vintage clothes. With that being said, here’s a little look into the vintage styles of clothing that you’ll see populating the store from time to time.

Vintage T-Shirts

T-shirts are a staple in any closet. But there ain’t nothing like the look and feel of a true vintage t-shirt. If you take a shirt made in 1970, that wasn’t made with exploited labor, that was made with quality fabric, and put it through years of use, the product is something else. Over time, the fabric breaks down and softens with each wash. That’s why slipping on a vintage tee is unlike buying any “fast-fashion” graphic t-shirt from your local mall. You’ll find t-shirts of all kinds on the Feel Good shop over time, ranging from vintage Harley Davidson shirt to vintage state t-shirts to classic plain t-shirts.

Speaking of graphics, the designs used on t-shirts made before the 90’s just tend to look better. There’s seems like there was more attention to detail between the fonts used, the color combinations, and the uniqueness of it all. Nowadays, it seems like companies don’t think twice about the graphics used on t-shirts.

Vintage Jeans & Denim

Having spent time in today’s denim industry, the differences in quality and craft in jeans today is remarkable, in a sad, sad way. Vintage blue jeans used to be made with quality cotton, made-to-fit the lucky person who first slid their legs into a pair and wore them everyday. They were built to last, while today, jeans seem to be the quickest item to replace in a wardrobe due to their silhouette becoming mush, their colors bleeding, and their fabric stretching out.

You’ll generally see pairs of vintage Levis, Wranglers, and other vintage denim and blue jeans on the Feel Good site. They still hold true to their original form, aging well and made in the USA.

Vintage Jackets & Thermals

Rooted in San Francisco, it’s inevitable to avoid vintage jackets and vintage thermals. The quality of both were unbelievably better back in the day. Thermals had substance, and jackets were made for the purpose of defeating harsh weather conditions, like vintage military jackets and so on. A lot of the thermals you’ll see on the site are from the 70’s, 60’s and beyond, when attentive craft went into the creation of the garment. For instance, companies used to create thick, sturdy thermals that were constructed in such a way to last the wear n’ tear of 40+ years, like this thermal underwear shirt from J.E. Morgan.

Vintage jackets, especially vintage army jackets, are a favorite on Feel Good as well. The construction and design used when making old N-1 and A-2 jackets for U.S. pilots and deckhands is truly incredible. Both styles went through multiple changes in design and construction, depending on manufacturer and year. To learn more about that, check out a brief history of military jackets on our blog. Vintage jackets, thermals, and other long sleeve vintage work shirts, button ups, and so on are staples to the site, so if you don’t see ‘em now, keep your eyes peeled! There’ll be more soon!

With this all said, the best way to see what we aim to carry on the site is to check it out yourself. The Feel Good site tends to be updated with new clothing once or twice a month, with rather large drops of product at once, ranging from vintage t-shirts and vintage jeans, to Harley Davidson collectibles and vintage buttons.

The Feel Good store is planted in San Francisco, gathering vintage clothes from all over California, and the other random places I end up in. Free shipping is offered on all orders in the USA and international shoppers pay their own shipping. Because vintage clothing comes in a pre-worn condition, there are no returns, so if you have any hesitations about any of the products, reach out to get clarification. However, feel free to contact Feel Good with any questions by email ( or on Instagram. This shop’s only motive is to spread love and joy and vintage style and to, in the end, Feel Good.